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My name is Ebony and I fangirl over many different shows. Inbox me if you'd like to discuss Teen Wolf, Switched at Birth, PLL, Twisted, The Lying Game, etc. <3


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Hey there.

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I…am so insanely jealous right now. (X)

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Dylan O’Brien at the Giffoni Film Festival July 21/14

Dylan O’Brien at the Giffoni Film Festival July 21/14

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Dylan O’Brien at Giffoni Film Festival, Italy.

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actors: Tyler Hoechlin


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Cast’s favorite improvised scenes

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↖ This blogger appreciates Danny Mahealani.

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We Aren’t Replacing Sterek; We’re Leaving a Shitty Show for a Better One: the novel


Today I saw a subtweet which made an attack against a Sterek shipper who had pointed out that a lot of TW fans were switching to watching ITF. The attacking party said basically that ‘Oh my, it appears that Sterek really can just be replaced with another slash couple!’

I thought I was going to leave it alone, but you know what? No. Fuck you.

Do you know WHY Teen Wolf fans, and Sterek fans in particular, are switching to In The Flesh? Because it’s a better fucking show. I’m gonna tell you a thing, and you can sit there and listen to it like we did with you.

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